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Who we are

We are occupational therapists with expertise in treating children who have severe special needs and rare disorders - diagnoses include but are not limited to Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. We have experience managing co-existing medical complications such as seizure disorders, GI issues, feeding isssues, orthopedic conditions, and siginificant developmental delays, etc.

What we do

We provide solution-focused consultation for pediatric occupational therapists on a short term basis as well as ongoing mentorship and coaching. We meet via phone, skype or in person. We work to advance therapists' clinical reasoning and expertise so they can:

  • develop alternative assessment strategies

  • create attainable and meaningful goals and objectives

  • design treatment strategies (school and/or home based) to develop motor control, upper extremity function, sensory processing, and participation

  • identify techniques for boosting treatment effects

  • develop safe feeding/swallowing/mealtime routines


Who we mentor


  • recent Occupational Therapy (OT) graduates 

  • experienced OTs who wish to collaborate on challenging or complex cases 

How to get started 


Contact us and we will:

  • set up an initial free phone call to discuss your needs 

  • send you introductory information that includes:

    • a description of our solution-focused approach

    • range of fees for service.

    • a brief questionnaire for you to summarize relevant background information 

  • If we agree we are a good fit, we will create a contract and schedule our first session.